Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iPhoning it in

It's time to catch up on some of our day to day moments caught on the iPhone...

Life happens...and most of the time I don't have the big camera.

Love these sweet boys. Mornings are hectic, but I love how sweet and sleepy my babies are.

The beauty of the iPhone is buying photography apps with fun filters...here is a slice of one of our weekends...and me having fun with the filters...

We wear lots of hats in our family...

Henry in Daddy's Stormy Cromer.

Fisher's ritual morning hat.

This is what our winter has looked like a lot of this winter.

Muno...Ma ma ma ma ma ma Muno Muno! If you've been around this toy, you know what I'm talking about. Cute...in short spurts.

We love these jammies and I'm going to be so sad when Fisher outgrows them. Hated to see Henry get too big for them. Also sweet Henry telling Fisher goodnight.

In a search for things to do this winter with all the snow and cold temperatures, Aunt Kake and I took the boys to watch the open practice of the UK Cheerleaders before they left to compete, and win, their 18th National Championship. On the in and out you could not help but notice the pool and the boys were transfixed. A couple weekends later we took Henry to a swim and dive meet, he enjoyed himself, but if you ask him what his favorite part was, he'll tell you....the big cows! (the Chick-fil-a cows where there) He was pretty good around them, giving them high 5's. This is a big accomplishment, if you'll remember, it wasn't too long ago when those cows made a trip to the ballpark a little iffy.

Jack really never has a problem finding a comfy spot.

Ed and I got this picture IM'd to us while we were out having dinner one night. Aunt Kake captured it while he was (look for it) on her feet!

We've had maybe a total of 2 days that were nice enough to get out and play. This was a really nice Saturday and it felt great to get out and stretch our legs on a walk and romp on the playground.

Hang on Fisher!


Everyone always complains that I'm not in these pictures...we'll here you go...what? you don't see me, why I'm right in the middle in the mirror!

All that fresh air is exhausting when you aren't used to it!

You know I can't resist taking pictures of this sweet peaceful sleepy face.

Henry and I had the day off from work and daycare because he had strep throat...can't you tell? He was diagnosed the day before and had to stay out of school for 24 hours after starting antibiotics. We both enjoyed our day off together by running some errands and eating lunch at "Rosies" (Ramsey's...but I love that he calls it Rosies)

Enjoying a steaming hot mug of........crayons.

He loves Ramsey's because they have a big box full of toys for the kids. We spent a little while calling all our relatives. He is talking to Aunt Laura at the beach in this one.

This is life with Henry...when he kind of protested when I said we weren't getting pie...the waitress brought him a little sundae on the house.

Henry ended up running the restaurant and thought the waitresses needed some assistance.

Another part of our day out a $5 mall "ride" video game. Actually pretty cool....until the tears started flowing because we couldn't do it again.

Alas, another gorgeous sleeping face.

Jack, feeling European and a bit chilly.

Don't worry, Jack is carrying the weight of the world for us all.

After Henry's quarterly diabetes check up we went to the Lexington landmark in our neighborhood, Wheelers Pharmacy. Such a treat.

Fisher enjoying some of the hats at school.

Speaking of our famous hats, Henry had some theme dinners recently...

You need to wear a sailor's hat when you eat shrimp...

...and of course a beret is proper dinner attire when eating spaghetti!

On a recent visit, Poppy had some fun with a stuffed animal, static and Fisher's fine hair.

Fisher gives Aunt Kake's cupcakes a thumbs up!

Jack just isn't as big of a Cats fan as the rest of us. Imagine, sleeping through the game! Guess it is a dog thing.

Fisher trying on Uncle Cavan's glasses.

A snowy, but warm Friday afternoon...we knocked off early and played...the boys on the playground...and me with my phone and the filters again...

When Fisher's swing would slow down he'd just hang like this and it made Henry and I roll with laughter.

I think this looks like an album cover.

Sometimes on a shopping trip you just need a police hat, a cowboy hat and 2 swords...somedays those things just rank right up there with paper towels, detergent, and shampoo!

Don't let all these outdoor shots fool you, they were the ONLY 3 days we've been outside (not sledding or playing in snow ) all winter.

All the melting snow turns into...mud! But we were so glad to be outside.

It's been a great winter, but I must admit, we've got a little cabin fever at this point . I'm looking forward to more outdoor photos playing in the green grass.

...time to get the big camera charged up again!

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