Friday, January 15, 2010

Let it Snow!

Lexington got the best snow last week...not your typical icy, muddy snow...the kind that when kids make snowmen there are all sorts of twigs and debris sticking out of it and then melts a day later. This was light fluffy glittery snow that stayed for days and days. It was freeezing, but properly bundled, and moving around enough, it was fine...and a lot of fun!

Smart Daddy heard about the possibility of snow and made sure we had a new sled for the big occasion.

Jack, and his cousin Greta were not too happy about being left inside.

Fisher's thumbs wouldn't stay in the thumb part of the mittens, and even though they were empty it always looked like he was giving the "thumbs up".

This is two seconds before Fisher got tackled, I didn't get a picture of that because I'm sure I was yelling "NO HENRY! With the fluffy snow and all the extra padding no brother was hurt in the filming of this event.

And with this spill, that concluded the second day of sledding. (It was too dark to get many good picture on the first day of snow). It was so fun and so unusual to have so many days of snow. It snowed a little every day and kept the snow fresh and ready for another day on the slopes.

Fisher's hair has a mind of its own, and we joke that all he needs is

a Hawaiian shirt

and he'd look a bit like

only much much cuter

and definitely more sober.

Another day of sledding!

And the sun came out.

Looks like they really enjoy sledding...

Let's get a closer look at those faces....

Yep, definitely enjoying themselves.

Daddy got in on the fun.

With the Winter Olympics coming up I wonder if the US Team needs another luger? He was pretty fast.

Fisher gave up waiting for the sled to get back to the top, he figured out how to sled without one.

Another wipe out.

But everything seems just fine.

Really really just fine.

Fisher gives his snow encrusted thumbs up.

The handsome, rugged, winter warriors of Cooper Drive.

Fisher hopes it isn't too long until we get to do this again.

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Auntie Laura said...

Wow! How fun is sledding. I remember when Ed, Emily and I would sled down hills behind our house and the dog, Guinavere, would chase us as we went speeding down the hill and grab our hands, legs, or arms and pull us right off the sleds. It was so much fun.
I am glad to see the gibson sledding tradition lives on.