Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I Know About You So Far

Oh my goodness you are small!
You sure felt bigger in my tummy...and ribs...and hip bone!

You have brown hair!
Hooray, the household blond vs. brunette count now stands at 3 (including Jack) to 2.

You look a lot like Henry, just with brown hair.

The first thing they said about in the delivery room was that you had long eyelashes and long toes.

You kept making loud noises in the hospital that startled yourself.

You seem to furrow your brow a lot...are you going to be a deep thinker?

You are a hungry boy!

You love using your hands. You keep them around your face a lot, covering your face, in your mouth and reaching out and putting your hand on me or holding my finger.

Sometimes you sound like a puppy and sometimes you sound like a little piglet.

You seem very alert and interested in everything going on around you.

You get a little chin quiver when you are serious about being hungry.

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