Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coming Home

Welcome home sign from Henry.

We were welcomed and greeted at home and in the hospital by gorgeous flowers and gifts.
Thanks Vicki.

And Will.

And USHJA (especially Aunt Whitney) and the whole Gibson Clan!

And Henry!

Fisher's gorgeous new blanket and gown hand knitted by Mommy Ann.

A "Jack" in the box (and a couple nights of dinners) from Missy.

A very special thanks to Ommy for staying with us for the week and helping us with Henry. (Especially since she just had shoulder surgery!) Most of all for making me the biggest batch of fruit salad!

Ol' Grandad drove up for the day on Sunday to meet Fisher.

Aunt Kake is thrilled to have another nephew to spoil.

Fisher giving a kiss.

My proudest moment as a mother...and maybe in my life so far. TWO boys sleeping at the same time!


More sleeping.

Still more sleeping.

And just a little more sleeping.


Fisher's first gift from Poppy...

...which seems an awful lot like another little boy's first present from Poppy.

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Julius Mario Canapa said...

It is so funny how some of Fisher's expressions resemble Henry. Two very cute boys and I can't wait to see them both. Auntie Laura