Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our First Outing

On Fisher's 1 week "birthday" he and I decided we'd had enough rest and relaxation and wanted to venture to the great outdoors. We packed up the wagon and the three of us sloooowly walked down to Jazz in Ecton Park. Our neighbor Missy had graciously offered to bring us dinner that night, so I suggested we just make it a big picnic at the park.

After an hour and a half Fisher decided he was HUNGRY, and since he isn't exactly eating picnic food yet, we walked back home.

So, if Henry's first outing at 2 weeks was to the track...and now he is crazy about horses, does this mean Fisher might be the next Miles Davis?


kate said...

Does Fisher have his collar popped?

Julius Mario Canapa said...

Give that boy a trumpet!! Auntie Laura