Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The lollypop and pizza diet

You haven't heard of it? All the cool kids are doing it...or at least the grumpy, sleepy, needing his lunch and needing a nap even more kid that threw a fit after spotting the last few sad pieces of Halloween candy from across the kitchen, way up on a shelf....and thew a fit (actually sad pathetic tears) until the once tough Mom caved and figured if he thinks a watermelon dum-dum mixes well culinarily with a whole wheat english muffin pizza...then so be it. I just know he isn't making our wine and food pairings in the future.


Aunt Laura said...

I love the re-do in the den. It looks great. I guess it is okay to have watermelon suckers with pizza. I seem to remember a certain brother of mine that loved watermelon after everything including the seeds.

Aunt Laura said...

I guess a good wine with that combination would be a 2008 Pinot Melone