Thursday, January 3, 2008

Introducing...The Fig

I'm going to have to change the name of the blog soon to include the Fig. As many of you know, Henry was called The Shrimp through most of my pregnancy with him due to these weekly email updates that I got that compare your baby's size to what always seemed like a type of food (does that just seem a little wrong?). This time those email updates seem to favor fruit and the week that compared this little one to a Fig seemed to seal its #2 has been dubbed "The Fig" and shall henceforth be called by that name. Good thing that name naturally stuck, because Henry's only cousin Julie, who is expecting a little one of her own in March, gets those same updates and she has already passed the "rutabaga" and "English hothouse cucumber" stage of her pregnancy...I think the Fig has a much nicer ring than either of those, don't you think. (good thing too for Julie that they had already decided on a name Owen for her little guy!)

Also a note on the current name of this blog, beyond the obvious, is that it comes from my cousin Ashley and her 4 children. They ALWAYS call Henry "Baby Henry" like that it his full name, and as Ashley said, she has a feeling that will be his name to them no matter how old he gets!

Also, this ultrasound was done around Week don't try looking too close for any sign of a boy or girl (believe, I've looked!). We are due June 25th, so the Week 20 appointment will be at the beginning of February and we should know then whether we have a blue Fig or a pink Fig.

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