Friday, September 4, 2009

Woodland Art Fair '09

A great Lexington August tradition is the Woodland Art Fair. Of course there is booth after booth of great photography, pottery, paintings, etc, but we really love the opportunities to make art. Henry made a great little decorated canvas, a magic wand, and a portrait (that was really really abstract) this year.

(Giving American Founder's Bank a little plug here, you'll see their sticker on the canvas. They are big participants every year and have great projects, canvas this year and a piggy bank last year).

Fisher is a huge supporter of the arts, but on this day he was much more interested in playing some peek-a-boo.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Fisher. What a face!

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Auntie Laura said...

Fisher is like his brother, both are so photogenic. What personalities. They need agents.