Friday, September 4, 2009

Hat's Off Henry!

Hats off Kentucky was a great event at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was a free event to educate kids about the horse industry. There was a great turn out and we had lots of fun, and Henry taught them all a thing or two about horses I'm sure.

He seemed to really enjoy the horse veterinarian where he got to listen to a horse digesting grass and hear his heart beat...

The Jockey School!! In Lexington we have the North American Racing Academy run by former Jockey and Hall of Famer Chris McCarron. We had been all over the park, made stick horses, seen World Equestrian Game exhibitions, learned about rescuing horses, even eaten frozen lemonade...but when Henry saw this all of his dreams came true!

These are Equicizers! (I just looked up the name) Jockeys use them to exercise or rehabilitate on. They ride them all the time on the show Jockeys (which Henry can quote backward and forward). We chose one, hopped up on it and the lady (jockey student) taught him how to really ride. Henry told her about his favorite jockeys (Mike Smith and Jon Court) and one of his favorite horses right now (Zenyatta) and she was blown away and highly amused. She said that we had to go meet Chris McCarron who we had totally missed because of the crowd. We got in his line and Henry got a personal riding lesson from Chris McCarron. Henry told him he wanted to be a jockey and again about all of his favorite jockeys and horses and he got a signed hat. Great guy and a great exhibition for the kids. He gave Henry a brochure with application for the school, but I also reminded Henry that he really liked the veterinarian exhibit too and that is a much less risky occupation...I don't think he heard me though.

Is this pure joy or what?

Henry, with great form (coming down the stretch) with Chris McCarron looking on...I think he was impressed!

Henry, with his irresistible blue eyes asking if we can do it again and again.

And like most horse outings, it all ended with a big nap on the sofa.

Fisher was happy to indulge Henry in his true passion and reminded me that he will be old enough soon to start finding his own hobbies...unfortunately he seems really interested in cars, I'll try to support him in anything he wants to do...but you will not see me at a NASCAR event anytime in the near future. ;)

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Auntie Laura said...

This kid is so multitalented. Playing the fiddle, great artwork, a jockey in the making, possibly a vet too, can play any sport on the planet, not to mention his photography talents. WOW!!!