Sunday, March 1, 2009


This post is actually the very opposite of a Henry and Fisher post. Ed and I went to Memphis to go to the Liberty Bowl (yay UK!). Ommy and Poppy kept the boys while we were gone. It was the first time we'd gone somewhere without them since Fisher was born. It is good to have Mommy and Daddy time...but we sure missed them. Just thought I'd share some of the things we did. Beale Street, National Civil Rights Museum, a drive by Graceland...but missing are probably two of Ed's favorite things...a late dinner at Rendevous (really awesome) and a lunch at a dive BBQ joint that I can't remember the name...I'll update later.

We wished Henry could have been there to see the concrete barriers surrounding the basketball arena. He would have gone crazy for them!

Our kind of town!

Is there a dynasty of little shirtless boys doing handsprings down Beale Street? I've only been there once before maybe 15 years ago and I swear this same little boy was there, and he was in The Firm...regardless...pretty amazing.

We could barely see Graceland for the gigantic Nativity scene! That seems like a very Elvis thing to do.

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