Sunday, December 2, 2007

Henry's Thanksgiving Announcement

Thanksgiving was a big day for us! We did a big "Allen/Gibson" combination dinner and decided to go out to eat this year. My Mom and Dad and Sister Kate joined Ed's Dad and wife Betsy, his big Brother Kenny was visiting from Florida as well as Kenny's daughter and Ed's Cousin Julie and her husband Jeremy who were visiting from Nashville. We went to Pennyrile State Park Lodge to eat and got there only to stand in line for about an hour. It wasn't a bad wait because it was fun to chat with the family...but I was sweating bullets because we had a secret to unveil...Henry had surprise lurking under his jacket. Of course standing there in line for an hour, more than a couple people suggested we take his jacket off...but we couldn't just yet because we wanted to get to the table to reveal his big announcement....

UPDATE: Henry will be a big brother at the end of June (25th or so)!

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