Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beach 2011

Pensacola 2011! We love to see this sign.

Mr. Skinny Mini Droopy Drawers


S'more night!

Much beach baseball was played this year.

Chatting it up with Aunt Laura.

Henry showing Fisher his birthday present. A balance bike. We love our bikes at the beach. He was soon flying along on the bike with us.

The beach can be tiring...

and Aunt Laura is there year after year, no matter how big they get, to make sure they get a beach nap.

He can almost never make it through a bike ride in his seat.

Ed's awesome photo!

I experimented with a disposable underwater camera this year...
We love the pool after being on the beach all day.

On the last full day we were there Aunt Laura took us to the National Naval Aviation Museum. It was a pretty amazing place. So much history, information and fabulous planes.

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