Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeneland Spring 2010 Meet

On our way to the track...via trolley!

H loved it and is looking forward to using this mode again this fall.

Hello from Keeneland Spring 2010 meet. (Can you believe he has on his street clothes. This was the only time he didn't wear his jockey gear.)

We met lots of jockeys this meet...Corrie Lanerie.

Garrett Gomez.

Brandon Meyer. Not a really famous jockey, but was on the show to H he is huge...and he did win his race this day.

Brandon Meyer and Julien Leperoux on the right. We love Julien, he recognizes Henry and calls him his Little Buddy.

Corey Nakatani, or as Henry likes to say "The Bad Boy of Horse Racing". Seemed nice enough to me. Nice smile.

And most importantly, our friend Matty. He works in the jocks locker room and took a liking to Henry. Matty gave us all the inside secrets, gave Henry some new goggles, slipped him some chocolate and took him into the jocks room to hang out with the jockeys. We're looking forward to seeing him again in the fall.

I hope people don't think we choose to dress him like this, we merely help him put it on. He absolutely thinks this is his uniform during Keeneland and it is just second nature for him wear it most days during the meet. Needless to say he gets SO much attention, mainly getting asked what race he is riding in.

These are the goggles Matty gave him...the initials on the vents are S and M, Shaun Bridgemahon. He was really friendly as well.

Riders Up! Garret Gomez.

Robby Albarado.

And...THE JOE TALAMO. This was definitely one of the highlights for Henry.

Waiting between races for Joe to return.

And here he goes again...Joe and Todd Pletcher.

Good luck Joe.

Garrett waiting for his horse.

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Super meet...see you in the Fall!

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