Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In case you didn't catch that, he said "OUTSIDE!!" and that is his battle cry these days. Immediately after he opens his eyes he says "Blue!", as in Blue's Clues, the next thing he says is "Nummy!" as in breakfast. After that is done his rally cry is "OUTSIDE!!!!". I love the outdoors, Ed loves the outdoors, Henry loves the outdoors...Fisher LIVES for going outside.

So in honor of him, and all the fun we've all been having this spring, here is some of the things we've been doing...OUTSIDE!

The boys love riding anything with wheels...but their inner jockey still need their whips.

"This is what Joe Talamo does with his whip". The boy has memorized every move of the cast of the show Jockeys.

Putting a horn on his new birthday bike. Note his jockey inspired bike helmet.

Saying goodbye to Poppy after a visit with a "zerbert".

A little more traditional goodbye from Fisher.

Fisher SkyWalker

This one might love being outside more than all of us combined.

So proud of being 4.

The cowboy baseballer.

Note that his shirt is inside out. We are still learning the difference between an napkin and his shirt and my quick fix is to just turn it inside out and hide the evidence.

Nice form. His specialty is a "knuckle curve ball".

Not all days are sunny, but we can still play outside when you've got awesome boots like these.
Which we've seen a few before.

Another "jockey's" move. To him, he is on the track knocking off the dirt.

This is just too much. They really love each other. Fisher still won't call him Henry though...it is Bubba, Butha, or Budda.

What a face.

Fisher has discovered our ourdoor "mows" (as in meows). They don't seem as interested in him though.

Fisher has no fear on the playground.

Henry has discovered one of a kid's favorite phrases. "Do it again."

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