Monday, February 9, 2009

Family Update

In case you haven't heard, we got dealt a little challenge unexpectedly in our lives last week. Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. He is handling it like a champ and we are so lucky to have such great friends and family that have sent us their support and good wishes. He can still be an NFL kicker or a neurosurgeon or almost whatever he wants to be, he'll just have to check his blood, count his carbs and receive insulin while he's doing it. We're adjusting and are going to be great.

Since Fisher really started moving around, crawling like a little speed demon and "cruising" the furniture with no effort (and making it all the way up the stairs by himself, eek!) and Henry has perfected being two it has been really difficult to find the downtime to update the blog. This blog is really important to us, as a means of communication with friends and family that we don't see often enough, and as a record for our family to look back I promise I'll find a way to get it up to date, it is probably just going to take a little while. I miss blogging, it has been a really fun creative outlet that I look forward, as the Governor of California once said "I'll be back".

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