Monday, February 11, 2008

A few days in the life

Nothing spectacular going on lately, just the fun everyday stuff...

Visiting Madisonville...Henry discovered how to take the top off his lotion. Darn that dry winter skin...a boy has to keep moisturized!

Hanging with Elmo (he's such a good listener).

Looking quite dapper. Aunt Kake thinks his name looks like it should be Pip in this outfit.

Well, it looks like the drought is over! We're feeling a little touch of cabin fever lately and are trying to get outside as much as possible when it is warm enough...even if that means getting wet and muddy...that is what a washing machine and a dry change of clothes are for!

[no caption available] (what can I say?)

Listening to some tunes (on the cool headphones Aunt Kake got Mommy for Christmas).

Yes, those are Cheetos...I know what you are thinking...the lollypop during lunch and now Cheetos!...They're baked...does that help?

Don't you just love The Dead dude?

Our newest 'ball" addition. Every boy needs a Nerf Hoop...even if it interferes with my new decorating aesthetics.

And although this blog is primarily devoted to Henry, and now the Fig, I can't help but to send some love to my first "child" Jack...the best wintertime snuggler, EVER! Maybe it is because he is originally from Alabama, or maybe he is just gets it from me, but the little boy does NOT like winter, he has yet to go outside today. Ed opened the door for him this morning...he took one look at the snow and ice outside and made a beeline back to the sofa. (The cold weather obviously doesn't bother Ed...shorts?? February??)


kate said...

The cheetos are baked and Henry looks baked in the photo right after.

lookingforblisschris said...

it looks to me as if Elmo's doing all the talking!

lookingforblisschris said...

waylon sends jack kisses and rawhide wishes! happy valentine's day, lovely family.

Aunt Laura said...

I think the cheetos are okay and I agree that Elmo is doing all the talking. Henry is truely high-tech and I love the earphones those are just too cool. Henry can you please uncle Carlo how all that stuff works?

Aunt Laura said...

That last line is suppose to read; Henry can you please teach uncle Carlo how all that stuff works?